Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Humanity of a President

Barrack Obama has ascended to the greatest seat of power in the world – the President of the United States of America. The ascension came with the sacred rituals given all presidents wrapped in an atmosphere of splendor with the praise of millions.

The public grandeur of the Presidential Inauguration was awe striking. Then following his oath of office, the private moments of President Obama walking into the Oval Office, assuming his new duties in the world’s most renowned political office, was breath taking.

As we see our new President carry out his role before a watching world, we might forget his humanity. We might think that with the pomp and circumstance of his rise, he is no longer human, but has been transformed into a tireless machine of power and influence.

Beyond the pageantry, President Obama is just like you and me. Throughout his future presidency, there will be public and private moments that display his humanity. Although he is President, he is also a husband, father, and son. In these roles, he will experience times of happiness and sadness, attention and isolation, success and failure.

Across the landscape of history, there was only one great world leader who never had to ascend to power, but always had it and still governs today. He is history’s only leader who was fully human and fully God. In His humanity, He grieved the death of a friend, was misunderstood by the public and betrayed by His friends. In His deity, He forgave sins, raised the dead and healed the sick. Who is this? Jesus. He is the Great King. He is the King of all Kings and President of all Presidents.

There is one person who is above all world leaders - Jesus. There is one person that can be looked to for wisdom and understanding by us all, including President Barrack Obama - Jesus. Jesus said about Himself, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me” (The Bible, John 14:1).

May we exalt Jesus above all and put our trust in Him alone, the Great King. May He be our hope for today.

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