Wednesday, September 2, 2009

God and Socialism

Socialism. I have never heard the word used so much in the news from the presidential campaign to the present. It is being used often in the health care debate by opponents of the President’s plan. Republican National Committee Chairperson, Michael Steele, while taking questions before the National Press Club in July agreed that the president’s healthcare plan was socialistic.

What is socialism? The word was coined by Henri De Saint Simon in the early 1800s. Then in the mid to late 1800s German Philosopher, Karl Marx, co-wrote the Communist Manifesto which laid a philosophical ground work to socialism that evolved into a movement influencing many governments of the world.

There is wide range of definitions, but many experts say socialism is an economic system at its root. According to the writings of many early socialist fathers their system was suppose to combat the inequalities and unfairness that they saw in the industrial revolution. The rich were getting richer and the poor were getting poorer.

On the surface, the principles seem noble. Beneath the surface, the history of socialism has meant government control of private capital (property, wages, and trade) and the administration of production and distribution of goods in a society.

God is the Creator and King over His universe. How does He govern? First, He governs from a position of selflessness. He does not seek to forcibly control for selfish gain. Second, He governs with compassion and personal sacrifice giving of Himself to His creation. Then God teaches those who have received from Him to do the same. Third, He governs by distributing His greatest gift, the forgiveness of sins, equally to all only if they meet His standard. If a person chooses to believe in His Son, Jesus Christ, repent from their sinful behavior and are willing to confess Jesus Christ publicly, then they can receive God’s gift of forgiveness. If they don’t, then they willingly choose suffer the consequences of that decision.

God is the example of how to govern a society. He is a wise King. He governs with justice and compassion and He patiently waits for you. Will you make Him your hope for today?