Friday, September 26, 2008

Two Paths, One Choice

At 16 years old, Justin was a hard worker, loved to help others and had a love for politics. That is why a candidate for Governor took a risk and asked him to be a County Chairman for his statewide political race. He wound up doing a tremendous job. He helped the candidate win the county with the highest voter turn out in the state.

Tommy, also 16 years old, led a much different life then Justin. During one weekend, Tommy played a role in slashing 34 tires. He became caught up in a bizarre tire slashing competition with other teenagers. People began filing complaints with the police, who launched an investigation. Soon Tommy’s mother found out and with her direction, he voluntarily surrendered himself to police and was arrested.

As the fall semester begins for schools across America, the classrooms will be filled with Justins and Tommys. These two young men represent two paths in life that bring very different results. One path results in a generous and sacrificial spirit that puts a concern for others above themselves. The other path results in a narcissistic spirit that loves self first and only sacrifices for others if it will provide a personal benefit.

God’s Son, Jesus, spoke of these two paths. He said there is a path that leads to eternal life, but it is narrow, hard to follow and has few people on it. He said there is another path, but it leads to eternal destruction, is wide, easy to follow and has many people on it.

Why does the one path have few people on it? Because there must be a deliberate choice to put a love for others and a love for God above self. As a result, people discover the present and eternal life God offers. Why does the wide path have many people on it? Because it is the easy choice. It is the default path. It leads to a destructive life for people because they want to direct their own life, trust in themselves and put their needs above God and others.

Each path represents a choice. God says to us, “Choose you this day whom you will serve” (The Bible, Joshua 24:15). It is never too late, what path will you choose? May Jesus be your hope for today.