Thursday, June 9, 2011

HOPE FOR TODAY: Discovering a Man's Purpose

Tony Fadell. Have you ever heard of him? He was the architect of something you probably heard of – the IPod. Under the direction of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, Fadell and his team developed the new technology. What was the purpose for this industry-changing gadget? According to Jobs, it was to put “1,000 songs in your pocket”.

The God of heaven and earth is the architect of human beings. He made men and made us with a purpose. What is it? As I read the Scriptures, I see repeatedly how God purposed a man to protect, provide and lead those whom they have responsibility for.

Society has its own idea about men. One is the TV-sitcom guy. They are portrayed as lazy, lacking character and more interested in being entertained than anything else. The other is the work-all-the-time guy. These men are consumed with work, highly driven and find their personal worth tethered to their occupation.

God called it “good” when he made the man, and into the fabric of our being He built an instinctive desire to protect, provide and lead. However, that is to be carried out within the framework of two very important commandments: love God and love others.

Men, this is where we get side tracked and draw some valid criticism. The TV-sitcom man thinks life is about his fun and the work-all-the-time guy his career. In neither case is there a humble attitude of love through service to those whom we have been given responsibility for.

God has a vision for your life as a man. It is discovered through Jesus, the standard for all men. He was one of the hardest working men of His day and during a time of crisis, we saw the heart of what a real man was. It was the moment He suffered and died upon His cross. There He willingly laid down His life for the sake of others. It was not about His entertainment, nor personal agenda. As men, we are called to live the same way. Regardless if you are married or single observe the humble attitude in this statement from the Bible, “Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her” (Ephesians 5:25).

Men, Jesus has pioneered a new path for you. Turn to Him and aspire to become the kind of man He was – and still is today. May He be your hope for today.