Friday, June 4, 2010

HOPE FOR TODAY: How to Live in Turbulent Times

Since January, major earthquakes have hit Haiti, Chile and Argentina taking thousands of lives. England, Germany, the United States and other industrialized nations continue to increase their government debt while posing a threat to the world’s financial markets. Extreme Islamic terrorism which drove the 9/11 attacks, continues as a daily threat in America and across many other nations. War-like tensions continue brewing between Iran and Israel and North and South Korea. Violent crime in metropolitan areas like New York City and Chicago are killing more people then are dying in the war in Afghanistan. Political battles over health care, illegal immigration and the economy are creating nationwide division across the country. The moral fabric of our world continues to decline with people calling right wrong and wrong right.

What’s happening? Where is all this going? How should we live in the midst of all this? Some people may have watched too many movies and are ready to dive into their bunker preparing for the end. For the rest of us, let me provide some suggestions to help us live confidently in turbulent times.

Love others. Overcome the polarizing differences in our world with love. Demonstrate love by praying to God for the people who oppose you. And show love through actions. Do acts of kindness towards your opposition. Defeat evil with good.

Be holy. To be holy means to separate yourself from sinful things. It is like choosing to be honest in a dishonest world or to be sexually pure in a sexually promiscuous world. There seems to be no moral restraint with a tsunami of sinful and wicked behavior touching the entire globe. Go against the current. Be holy.

Humbly submit to one another. Open defiance of authority is everywhere. These attitudes and actions against parents, employers and government only deepen the divide. Only humble and mutual submission towards one another will bridge the divide and allow each other’s voices to be heard.

Live justly. There is much corruption and deceit from Washington to Main Street and even in our own homes. There must be a remnant who will hold up the banner of truth. Sometimes people should be confronted and issues exposed. May we stand for justice in wisdom with gentleness and respect.

Turn to Jesus. Our world needs help. The real and lasting help we need will not come from government, media, education, upright living, time, or good strategies. We need Jesus. He is the way, the truth and the life we desperately need. Our hearts can be troubled when looking at the global landscape. Jesus once said, “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me” (John 14:1). Let us put our trust in Jesus. Only He can give us true and enduring peace in a world filled with worried and anxiety-laden people. May Jesus bring you hope for today.