Monday, June 4, 2012


We are in the midst of an ongoing crisis within the ranks of our young men and what they are seeing is not inspiring them to become Men of Honor. Many are influenced by what they see in sports, music, television, movies and they are not seeing positive role models. Additionally, a growing number of young men, especially in our inner cities, are starved for good examples in their own home. Sadly, some just do not have a dad in their life. Indeed, a child who has grown up with a loving and honorable Father is blessed.

We need an army of Men of Honor whose lives can become the standard bearers for a future generation. What is a man of honor? It is a man whose life has great value, yielding the respect of those closest to him. A sparkling diamond is held in high esteem because of its incredible worth. It is the same with an ornament of pure gold or a garment of beautiful silk. Their worth breeds honor.

If we discover what makes a man valuable we will discover what makes him honorable. When a man leads his home with gentleness, protects those he loves with vigilance and possesses humility he is a man of honor.

What decreases a man’s worth and brings dishonor? When a man views his marriage vows as situational, walks in a spirit of arrogance and puts the needs of himself above the needs of those he is entrusted to care for he is a dishonorable man.

Is there a man who truly embodies honor? Jesus. He is THE MAN among all men. He invited 12 men to follow Him, whom He willingly led and mentored for three years. He stood up against the corrupt religious leaders of His day being a courageous voice for justice. He was a servant feeding the hungry, being a friend to social outcasts and healing the sick. Then He faced false accusations and death valiantly. His friends and enemies could find no wrong in Him. One enemy said, “I find no guilt in this man.” (Luke 23:4) He finished His life by dying a torturous death. Then He rose again conquering death and sin providing forgiveness and eternal life to millions of people who trust in Him today.

What a man of worth, and the highest of honor! May every man aspire to be a man like Jesus. May He be your hope for today.

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