Monday, August 9, 2010

HOPE FOR TODAY: Arizona Law - Beneath the Surface

Arizona Rancher Robert Krentz was making an attempt to help an illegal immigrant, who was trespassing on his sprawling ranch, when he was gunned down in cold blood in March this year. At the same time, being debated in the Arizona legislature was an illegal immigration bill that was eventually passed and signed into law on April 23, a month after Krentz was murdered.

The law has created an incredible firestorm across the country with a host of influential opponents and proponents making their opinions known and taking sides. On the surface, some have made it about elections, race, border security or state rights versus federal jurisdiction. Yet, beneath the surface it is about something else - people. It is about the growing list of victims, like Robert Krentz.

For years illegal immigration, especially along the Mexico-United States border, has been a problem. It is nothing new. However, something has changed in recent years providing greater urgency for politicians and regular citizens to speak up and take some risk.

Although most illegal immigrants are peaceful and hardworking there are significant numbers that pose a threat. Reports show how some illegal’s are guilty of a laundry list of crimes including police killings, drug trafficking, human trafficking, rape, kidnapping, auto theft, I.D. theft, many sexual crimes, many types of fraud, home invasions, assaults, and much more. According to some crime statistics, 27% of all federal prisoners are illegal immigrants and many have been arrested at least eight times.

No matter if someone is Democrat or Republican, Mexican citizen or United States citizen or even a legal or illegal immigrant – most reasoning people want the senseless killing to stop, kidnappings to end and others to live without fear in their own home.

When God sent His only Son from heaven to earth He was not concerned about poll numbers, fund raising or voting blocks. There was no sign of self-preservation in His decision. He laid it all on the line when Jesus was born into our world in the little town of Bethlehem. And why did He do it? Why did Jesus leave the glory of heaven and come to live with us? He did it for people, like you and me. Jesus didn’t come to create an organization, build an institution or establish a religion. He came for people. From heaven God looked down and saw the power of sin at work in our world and its destructive force. Out of love for you and me He took action. The Scripture says, “But God demonstrates His own love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8). In the midst of this darkness, if people will just turn from their sin and believe in Him with all their heart they will find freedom, peace and a new hope in Christ. Indeed, may you find your hope in Him today.